I'm a 2Build a Profile customer, what's new for 2019?

You may have heard that we've been hard at work creating the updates you've asked for to 2Build a Profile. We want to thank you for bearing with us during this time and are now thrilled to let you know that in just a few more months these will be live and ready for you to start benefiting from.

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What are the updates?

We've been hard at work creating 5 key updates to simplify your observation recording and assessments.

These are:

Fully redesigned App and Websuite to improve usability, accuracy and speed.

Dedicated parent app that's instantly updated for same-day observations.

Brand new, additional report types to improve tracking and evidence.

Enhanced government-grade security, fully compliant with GDPR.

Improved code for faster usage and reporting.

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When will they happen and will I be informed when they're live?

Some changes will be ready to pilot as soon as May 2019. You will receive an email when these are live, along with some instructions and updates on how to utilise the new features. If you'd like to pilot any of the new features tell us here.

However, we are rolling out changes gradually across all our 15,000 users and aiming to have everyone upgraded to the new features by September 2019. So, if you don't receive an email to update your app until September, don't panic!

Do I have to pay for the new updates?

No! The new updates are totally free and there's no extra charges for the improved functionality.

If your subscription has ended and you'd like to renew as the new features are just what you're looking for, you can view pricing options and how to buy here.

Will I lose all the data I have already saved in the app?

No, your data and observations will be very safe and seamlessly appear within the updated app version as soon as you download the updates.

Will my app slow down as it's got more features in it?

No, before we even started on any of the new functionality, we upgraded some behind-the-scenes bits which have already been delivered. This is to ensure the app works quickly for you every time, no matter where you're taking your observations.

Can I still take observations offline?

Absolutely! The app will continue to save your observation and upload to the cloud when you next connect to the internet.

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Will I get training on how to use the new app and websuite?

We are hoping that the new changes will be intuitive and require little extra training for you. We will be creating a series of videos which go into more detail about the changes. These will be published by September 2019.