Continued support for remote learning:

Whilst many schools and parents are still remote learning and planning for a phased reopening, we at 2Simple are offering 30 days extended free trials to:

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Free Stuff:

Maths Leader's Toolkit

Whether new to role or more experienced, this latest toolkit is perfect for Maths Leaders and …

PE Progression of Skills Document

Designed to help PE leads show what progress looks like for pupils within their school. The …

Striver Sports Day

Host your own Sports Day with our free activity pack for teachers and parents!

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Latest News:

Transition 2 fb.png
Transition activities with Purple Mash

Transition is both an exciting and challenging time for pupils, whether that be to a new year group or new school. Preparing children for the change that is coming is important. Transition …

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Updates to 2Blog

2Blog within Purple Mash, has seen an increase in use during this period of home/blended learning. We have been listening to you and have made a number of updates to 2Blog to …

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Testimonials from schools

20th March 2020, was the last day of school for many, as children, teachers and parents began a new way of learning at home. Schools have never been closed and many have …

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