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Sneak Peek at the new Slide Show Presentations for the DigiTech Scheme of Work To further support the delivery of the Purple Mash DigiTech Scheme of Work, enhance the impact …
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Learn Samba for International Day of Dance For International Dance Day this year, we have put together a free Samba lesson for schools …
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Exploring Reliability in the Online World Parent Guide - Free download The digital world is vast, exciting and forever evolving at such a pace that parents often …
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2Count Update FB.png
Try the newly updated 2Count Purple Mash pictogram tool 2Count is a versatile tool that lets you create pictograms to represent all kinds of items, from favourite colours to foods eaten and everything in between, in just …
world space week FB.png
Lift Off for World Space Week 2021 We look at a selection of space resources within Purple Mash and Serial Mash that you can use during World Space week, which starts on 4th October 2021.
Savanna Therapeutic Stories - Guest Blog The experiences of Covid-19 inspired dramatherapist, Talya Bruck, led her to publish a series of stories for children. Here is how she did it, and why!
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