2Do Top Tips

Sept. 4, 2020

Alban, Educational Consultant

In this blog post, Alban Squires, Educational Consultant at 2Simple shares his top tips for utilising 2Dos.

The powerful 2Dos feature within Purple Mash allows teachers to assign tasks and content with just a few clicks of a mouse to any classes, groups or individual students…Teachers set the 2do which appears in the 2Do section on each student’s Purple Mash homepage.

Set External Files as 2Dos

It’s not only purple Mash applications that can be set as a 2Do. You might want children to view a video or a piece of writing you have created that was made with an external file.

Simply upload your file to your Work area in Purple Mash.

Select the file and then click ‘Set 2Do’ and follow the instructions.


Assign Objectives to 2Dos

Assign objectives to 2Dos. It’s possible to assign curriculum objectives to content when you are setting a 2Do. After clicking ‘Set 2Do’ you will see an item labelled – ‘Objectives’. Simply select this and assign the appropriate objectives. Once the work has been handed in, you can make judgements against the objectives, which will feed into Data Dashboard. Perfect for collecting evidence!

Set Re-dos using Mark and Correct Feature

Setting re-dos is a great feature if you want a child to make changes to a piece of work. Additionally, it works well if you want them to do a sustained piece of work over a long period that you want to mark each week for example. You might use one of our reading journals and want to check it each week but not want it handed in until complete. Simply set the 2Do with the hand in date for the end of the length of the project. Instruct the child to hand in weekly etc and then click ‘Mark’ and then ‘Save & Redo’.

A screenshot from Purple Mash showing the 2DO homework and task management system.

Close gaps in learning

Whether closing gaps in learning for focus groups or whole class, there is a handy ‘Repeat 2Do’ feature. A typical user case might be using the Multiplication Tables Check weekly on a Friday for a specific group of children. The repeat feature is fantastic as it sets the Multiplication Tables Check consistently within your set date range, collating data in the Data Dashboard each time a student plays it. Great for measuring progress!