4 Ideas for the New School Year

Dec. 15, 2019

With the summer holidays just around the corner, Term 1 2020 will hopefully feel very far away but it's important we still keep an eye on the new school year ahead and give ourselves and the students a head start.

With that in mind, we've compiled four Purple Mash activities to do at the beginning of Term 1 2020 that bring benefits throughout the whole school year.

Esafety template.PNG

1. eSafety poster

To view and download the SMART poster (Safe, Meeting, Accepting, Reliable, Tell).click here, or search 'eSafety' in the search bar of Purple Mash. Then create your own eSafety posters using this template. Combine the best ideas into one class poster and put it up on a wall to reference throughout the year.

SMART online safety4.PNG


2. Aspiration cubes

Find it here, or search 'design and make' in the search bar of Purple Mash.

These answer the question "What would success look like this year?"

Each child creates a 3D net of a cube using 2Design and Make, then they decorate each side of their cube with an aim or aspiration for the year.

Print off the net, assemble into cubes and hang with string to create a fun, physical reminder of what you are working towards this year.

3. 'All about me'

Find it here, or search 'all about me' in the search bar of Purple Mash.

Children use the all about me template to create a poster combining pictures and writing to tell their classmates all about themselves. This is a good exercise for getting children to know one another, so it's perfect if there are new children joining the class. 


4 Exemplary work certificates

Find it here, or search 'certificate' in the search bar of Purple Mash.

Children use the blank certificate template to create certificates to be used to celebrate future successful work and achievements by other pupils. This is an opportunity for children to think about what attributes for work they would reward and why.