The Big Draw Festival - 2020

Sept. 30, 2020

The Big Draw Festival is a worldwide celebration of drawing, organised by The Big Draw charity, which is now in its 20th year. The promotion of the universal language of drawing as a tool for learning, expression and invention are at the heart of the festival. Starting in October, the theme this year is ‘The Big Green Draw – A Climate of Change’. The Big Green Draw aims to help showcase mindsets and actions that proactively support positive attitudes between people and the Earth. Not only can you draw, but the charity is asking this year to bring the community together, explore, get out and about, kick start a new creative and you will join thousands of drawing enthusiasts. Check out these events in Queensland and Victoria,

At 2Simple, we are supporting The Big Green Draw this year, using Purple Mash. With so many creative tools within the platform, you can draw, paint, explore and get creative!

Why not use 2Paint or 2Paint a Picture this October. With blank templates, you can let creativity grow. Think about what A Climate of Change means to you. Your artwork could be focussed on the icecaps melting, animals becoming extinct, or something as simple as walking instead of using cars! Try and envision what climate change means to you through your artwork. We also have several prepopulated painting projects that you can use. Find all of these within the Art Icon on your Purple Mash home screen and navigate to Paint Projects where you can find hundreds of activities.

An image showing a painted Elephant using the 2Paint resource within Purple Mash.png
An image showing the 2Create a Story activity within Purple Mash.png

You could also use 2Create a Story to tell a story through your drawings. These can be on any topic looking at ‘A Climate of Change’ and you can combine word, pictures, sounds and animations in minutes. This would be a perfect class project where you can ask your students to draw one page of ‘A Climate of Change’ group and combine these all together to make a class story! 2Animate is another powerful tool where children can create an animated scene by repeating and changing images within a storyboard. This is a wonderful way to tell a quick story.

Please share any drawings with us over The Big Green Draw Festival on Facebook or Twitter. You can also email these to info@2simple.com.au and be in with the chance of making it to our monthly highlights video.

Have fun Purple Mash-ing!