Chinese New Year with Purple Mash

Feb. 2, 2021

Chinese New Year, also referred to as the Lunar New Year, is the Chinese Festival celebrating the new year on the traditional Chinese/Gregorian calendar. It’s a major holiday in Greater China and is celebrated in several countries. Here at 2Simple, we celebrate Chinese New Year using Purple Mash, with a huge variety of resources and activities you can use to ensure your students learn about the importance of this festival for many cultures across the world. This year it falls on 12th February and is the year of the Ox.

Writing Projects

There are several resources you can use within Purple Mash to celebrate Chinese New Year. Start by using our Chinese New Year Newspaper template and see whether you can write a front-page article about the celebration. Test your Mandarin skills by using our Chinese Writing Activity and learn how to write the numbers 1-10. Write about Chinese New Year using our Poster template. Using our skills we developed on Safer Internet Day, use our Chinese New Year Research template using the internet to find out about Chinese New Year.

Paint Projects

Over Chinese New Year, you will see many fireworks displays and you can use 2Paint to design your own firework display or use our Chinese fan activity to design your very own traditional Chinese fan. Get as creative as you can to show how you will celebrate Chinese New Year.

Mini Mash 

For the little ones, we have some resources you can use with Mini Mash. Use our labels alongside the pictures to test your student's knowledge of what each picture is. For a Funky Fingers activity, why not use our Time Savers templates and cut around the pictures to make finger and stick puppets, or even use these to be labels and badges!

Please share your Chinese New Year celebrations with us on Facebook or Twitter. Have fun Purple Mash-ing!