European Day of Languages

Sept. 22, 2020

European Day of Languages is celebrated on the 26th of September each year. One of the main messages of the European Day of Languages(EDL) is that language skills are a necessity and a right for everyone. There is a range of ways that Purple Mash can promote language teaching in schools. There are several useful resources on the European Day of Languages website including an (EDL) language challenge and T-shirt competition. Purple Mash can be used in a range of ways to promote language teaching in schools, which are outlined in this blog.

There are a range of template factfiles and leaflets that children can use to find out more about the countries in Europe. They could also write a postcard from a European Capital, including what they have seen and eaten, including language phrases from the country that they have visited, or try a quiz on capital cities in Europe, all our European Day of Languages resources can be found here.

Or, why not set up a Language Blog within the school celebrating the languages spoken within the school community – these could include phrases, recipes, songs and customs celebrating different languages and communities.

We have also created a set of resources in French for teaching children about ‘My Family’. You can view all the resources here.

To celebrate European Day of Languages, you could have a go at creating your own European language resource within Purple Mash and upload into our Resource Sharing area.

It is easy to create resources in Purple Mash to celebrate EDL – 2Question, 2Connect, 2Publish and 2Quiz are just some of the applications that could be used. For example, you could create one of the following using the European language that is taught in your school:

  • Use Multiple choice in 2Quiz to match colours/objects to the correct word in your chosen foreign language
  • Match the correct words
  • Label body parts
  • Spelling activities
  • Weather map for a capital city
  • Birthday card
  • Shopping basket and list
  • Create an animation and use the record button to add speech

These are just some of the ideas of how Purple Mash could be used to create resources to support languages in your school.

Whatever you do to celebrate European Day of Languages, please share any of the resources that you create on our Facebook and Twitter pages. with the #EDL.