Go with the flow with 2Chart

Dec. 7, 2020

A tablet showing a flow chart made using 2Chart in Purple Mash by 2Simple

2Chart is an amazing tool that you can use to make flowcharts for many purposes. Used across the curriculum, this tool is particularly useful for developing computational thinking. Learning often includes flowcharts and spider diagrams making this the ideal tool to enable students to organise study notes in a systematic and effective way.

In fact, flowcharts can be used for any task that would benefit from diagrammatic representation. 2Chart can be used as a problem-solving tool and also to support processes of designing, evaluation and documentation.

Teachers can design 2Chart files and then set them as 2Dos for their students. For example, teachers could add all of the required elements for an algorithm to achieve a purpose and students could then be required to order and link them appropriately. Students can also create their own resources.

In Digital Technologies, students can structure their algorithms before beginning to code and make sure that they make logical sense. 2Chart can also be used in any subject to develop logical reasoning and problem solving whether mapping the outcome of a science experiment under different conditions or even deciding upon arguments for a debate.

Once again, the beauty of the Purple Mash program is how diverse it is and how many individual tools there are on offer. Used in conjunction with our library and resource bank, the program ticks pretty much all boxes across the curriculum. For a full introduction to 2Chart click HERE.

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