How schools are using Purple Mash for remote learning - Part 2

June 3, 2020

There more entries here, one from Phillip Ballis - Digital Technologies teacher at Berry Springs Primary School, Northern Territory, one from Kirsty Ludecke - Digital Technologies teacher at Noble Park Primary and more from the Helen Collins - Year 3/4 Teacher at Warrenheip Primary School, this time looking at Serial Mash.

Berry Springs Primary School, Northern Territory

Phil Ballis has been a principal, assistant principal and Technology Consultant in NSW and is now the DigiTech teacher at Berry Springs Primary in the Northern Territory. Here is his account of how Purple Mash supports learning both on-site and off-site.

These photos show Phil with their younger children being introduced to coding using 2Go. He reported, ' They love it!'

Purple Mash proved to be a valuable tool during the process of designing and implementing an online tool during recent home schooling sessions. Teachers were able to assign tasks aligned to curriculum outcomes and most importantly focus on the individual needs and capabilities of students in their class. Teachers could allocate tasks through 2Do and monitor their progress. Feedback to students could be immediate allowing revision or extension apps and tools to be set.


Students particularly focused on typing skills within the periods set and could keep up with writing tasks. Students were encouraged to work with parents and allow a partnership of work to develop. The PDF and remote learning help guides and tutorials were a welcome and valuable resource for both parents and teachers.

Top Tip....teachers who spend a bit of time exploring the program can find some 'hidden gems' that open up a whole realm of activities geared to inspire and motivate . The video help tutorials linked to each app is invaluable visual tools.

Phil Ballis Berry Springs 2Go.png
Phillip Ballis, DigiTech Teacher, Berry Springs Primary School, Northern Territory


Noble Park Primary School - Victoria

I am a Digital Technologies Teacher at Noble Park Primary. I have been using the 2Simple software now for over 10 years beginning with my use of the software as a classroom teacher.

Kirsty Ludecke.JPG

This is my third year as a Digital Technologies teacher. I have found the Purple Mash software invaluable in the instruction of primary age children.

The move to Purple Mash as a cloud-based learning platform has strengthened accessibility and engagement for all students.

With the current remote learning needs across the world, Purple Mash is so easily accessible and user friendly from any type of device with a Wi-Fi connection. The program promotes far greater independence for primary age students; with simple picture sequence log ins and a huge amount of ready made resources or programs that can make resources.

The programs are easy to access with large simple and user-friendly icons, students can find and complete tasks quickly and have no issues locating and saving their work. Teachers can easily create, assign and mark work. The tasks even have links to the curriculum. I am positive the benefits of endorsing Purple Mash will ensure students and teachers countrywide can all succeed with online learning.

I started using Purple Mash with F-2's first week back and after only one session quite a few children had memorised their username and password and gone home and completed several tasks (yay I can use them for reports!).

Kirsty Ludecke - Digital Technologies teacher at Noble Park Primary


Warrenheip Primary School - Victoria

And another update from the wonderful Helen Collins, Year 3/4 Teacher at Warrenheip Primary School

Warrenheip Serial Mash 2Do.JPG


Hi Sarah,

Just to let you know that we have loved the Serial Mash stories during remote learning. I have attached a 2Do that I will give one of my reading groups at the end of the week.



Read more of Helen's ideas in our first post here.

Helen Collins in Shape SM.png

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