How schools are using Purple Mash for remote learning

April 29, 2020

With schools using Purple Mash for remote learning we thought we would ask a few schools how they were using the platform, what was working for them and any top tips that they might have for other schools that may help or give some ideas.

Wallan Primary School - Victoria

At Wallan PS we are using Purple Mash as our online learning platform during Remote and Flexible Learning. Every year level have set up blogs for their students with daily/weekly tasks for the students to complete. Some teachers are embedding videos of themselves reading to the students each day, ranging from picture books to novel studies in Year 5 and 6.

Wallan PS Reading to students.png

We have ‘How to’ blogs set up to assist students and parents with uploading and sharing work with the classroom teacher and spaces where students can share their work from home and receive feedback from their teacher and their peers.

The blog function is an excellent way for teachers to engage with their students at a time that is suitable and flexible for families.

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A top tip would be to support each other, share with your colleagues what works. The most important thing is for the students to see your face and hear your voice, so that they can make that connection with you, and also to communicate with parents about what you are doing.

Mrs Kirsty Bridge, Specialist Digi Tech & STEM Teacher at Wallan Primary School

Wentworth Primary & College - New Zealand

Purple Mash has provided some great resources for helping students to engage online during this lockdown.

2Blog has been the foundation of it all, allowing me to share video messages or lessons that I have screen-captured. It has preserved our classroom community by allowing the students to make comments or ask questions underneath my posts. And of course, the students enjoy making blog posts of their own. Being able to have multiple blogs has been helpful because it allows me to have separate blogs to share Maths work, Science work, Writing work etc, as well as a blog simply devoted to friendly chat with each other.

How to do writing.PNG

Some examples of lessons I have set on Purple Mash, just this week:

Maths: our focus was measurement, so they were asked to bake something with their parents for some hands-on learning about litres and grams. They posted photos of their creations in the Maths blog I made, and commented on other people's creations.

Writing: I set a task using 2Create a Story. Since it was a recount, I showed them (via a screen-capture video on the Blog) how they could add photographs of themselves acting out a scene. I also like that 2Create a Story allows me to make a checklist that appears alongside the story. This provides them with important reminders about what they should be adding, like strong verbs or correct punctuation.

Reading: Our school has subscribed to "Serial Mash" so we have access to the various fiction books that are accompanied by chapter quizzes and other activities. The students have been able to work through those at their own pace.

Finally, Purple Mash has provided excellent customer service through this time (thanks Sarah!) and are very prompt in answering queries.

Luke Wesbonk, Year 4 Teacher Wentworth Primary & College

Warrenheip Primary School - Victoria

Warrenheip Primary School has been using Purple Mash for about 4 weeks now, since the first indications of a move to remote learning. I was very lucky to have a staff member who had used the platform at another Victorian school. I am extremely pleased that we have had the opportunity to get to know and use Purple Mash. It is an outstanding system which is intuitive to use, highly engaging to the students and fully functional as a learning management system. Thank you very much to the people at Purple Mash for setting us up with this fabulous resource. I have attached a fuller explanation of the benefits of the system from a staff member.

Yours, Arthur Lane Principal

Warrenheip Blog image.PNG

We are pleased with our choice of Purple Mash as a remote learning tool during the COVID-19 school shutdown. With its engaging, yet simple to use interface, it is perfect for primary school students, and the explicit video tutorials make it very easy for teachers to understand how to use it and get started right away.

Purple Mash has safe yet powerful communication tools. I use Purple Mash ‘2Email’ to communicate with students throughout the day. I can let them know what I want them to do, respond to questions and give encouragement, praise and feedback. My students feel reassured that they can email me if they need help and enjoy being in contact with their classmates. We are also able to attach files and documents to our emails if we need to. Purple Mash also has a fabulous blogging tool which has allowed me to create shared blogs which provide information, show videos and promote discussions. And the Purple Mash virtual display boards enable us to share and celebrate student work.

Purple Mash contains a vast range of activities across all curriculum areas. The learning activities are engaging and purposeful, and are mapped to the Victorian Curriculum. Differentiation is easy in Purple Mash because the teacher can modify tasks and assign them to groups or individual students. There are several applications in Purple Mash that allow students to collaborate and work cooperatively. The teacher is also able to provide timely feedback for completed work. Alerts notify me when work has been handed in, and students when it has been reviewed by me.

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Another area in which Purple Mash shines is in its tools for creating content. There is a fantastic suite of tools which allows students to create amazing artwork, publications, animations, music and games. I have used these tools with students for many years, and my students have loved working with them and created excellent products.

My colleagues and I think we are very fortunate to have access to Purple Mash at this time and are reassured that we will be able to provide our students with an engaging, quality learning program while they are at home.

Helen Collins, Year 3/4 Teacher at Warrenheip Primary School

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If you would like to share how your school has made the most of Purple Mash to support remote learning the please get in touch as we love hearing all the different ways that schools make use of Purple Mash, you can or on Twitter @2SimpleAUS or @PurpleMash, or on Facebook @2SimpleAustralia