Love is in the air!

Feb. 8, 2021


This Sunday is Valentine's Day, arguably one of the most popular days of the year for school going children. It is a day where love is about the place and there is a palpable excitement. It is also a day teachers struggle to get children to settle down and work on! So why not buy into the excitement and harness that enthusiasm into a worthwhile creative project.

Purple Mash has two relevant projects you could use. The first is creating a Valentine's poster for someone. It allows the learner to get their creativity on and put together a poster for a loved one. The lovely thing about these projects is, once you have created a 2Do for it, the learner is able to drive the project themselves. The project has a template, guidelines and even clip art to use, which makes it easy to navigate and complete within a lesson. HERE is the link to that lesson.

Purple Mash also has an activity in which students can design their own Valentine bouquet. You can click HERE for that activity. Once again, this is a wonderful activity to have fun with on the day and still learn a skill and use their time constructively. Also, remember, you can create your own activities around the theme. Why not get students to design a game around a box of chocolates, write a blog post as an onlooker to the famous Romeo and Juliet balcony scene or reproduce their take on famous love scenes in 2paint. The sky is the limit and creativity knows no ends when everyone is so enthusiastic about the subject. Happy Valentine's Day!

Valentines 2.PNG