Make a start with 2Type

Dec. 3, 2020

Typing on a keyboard is arguably one of the most important skills we can teach our students! As adults, we assume certain skills are inherent and will be picked up quickly. Typing on a keyboard is one of those skills. As teachers we launch directly into teaching our learners digital skills or use the platform to teach content in one learning area or another. One could argue that spending time initially teaching the children to type and use a keyboard effectively will optimize all activities that then move onto.

One only has to look at the frustration on a little ones face when they are trying to fine the "e" button, or work out how to insert a dash or delete a word to know the truth of this.

2type snap

2Type has an easy to follow path to learning for any ability child. Videos on how to type and tips on how to sit properly in front of their keyboard begins the journey. For homework there is a printable keyboard your learners can use to practice on when they don't have access to a keyboard.

The program carefully and thoroughly walks the learner through the various functions of the keyboard and fingering that allows them to use it effectively and quickly. Of course, as with all aspects of Purple Mash, there are games to cement the learning that took place.

Give it a try. I am sure you will see the value of it either as the first step to teaching digital literacy to beginners or as a refresher course for those learners that have already started their journey. Here is a link through to the Purple Mash 2Type section. Enjoy!