Python in Pieces - Q and A Part 1

March 5, 2020

We launched Python in Pieces, an interactive coding environment, designed to build student and teacher confidence in the text-based coding language of Python at Bett in January and are pleased to say that it has already been shortlisted for an ERA award.

In this blog we have a question and answer session with two of the developers of the program, to discuss what it is, how it supports digital technologies in Secondary schools.

Evidence Me - Updated features

March 3, 2020

Evidence Me (formerly 2Build a Profile (2BAP)) is our award-winning assessment, observation and reporting app. It shows the impact of children’s learning by capturing learners’ experiences, monitoring their development and creating reports to share their progress. The app has been thoughtfully created by teachers, for teachers and ensures all the essential features required have been included.

Evidence Me-blog header.jpg
Using TPACK with Purple Mash

Feb. 24, 2020

In our ever-increasing technological society teachers need to have the technological knowledge alongside the pedagogical and content knowledge needed to be effective teachers. The TPACK (Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge) designed by Punya Mishra and Matthew J. Koehler (2006) has been used successfully by many schools as a learning framework that effectively enhances the use of educational technology. It considers these three areas of knowledge.
At 2Simple we are committed to supporting teachers in the simplest and most effective means possible, providing all the required resources, know-how and tools. The concept map shown here has been created using one of Purple Mash's tools - 2Connect and it showcases how the TPACK framework is supported when using 2Simple’s creative learning environment, Purple Mash. Its creative tools are just the tip of the iceberg. Want to learn more about TPACK and how to implement it through Purple Mash? Read on!

Multiplication Tables Check - 2020 Update

Feb. 12, 2020

The purpose of the MTC is to determine whether students can recall their multiplication facts fluently, which is essential for future success in mathematics.

Purple Mash-multiplication-mm3.PNG
Print Student Login Cards ready for the new year.

Jan. 28, 2020

Print student login cards

You can easily generate handy login reminder cards for any number of users, from one child to your whole school. You can also create a useful spreadsheet displaying login details for quick reference. 

The cards are especially useful for school holidays. If you're handing them out for the summer break, you can also download an accompanying letter for parents, explaining everything they need to know about Purple Mash. 

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Login Card.PNG