Training Platform

March 24, 2020

We are delighted to announce our new teacher PD platform, that is included as part of your Purple Mash subscription.  This online training solution will enable all teachers within school to access online training, PD resources and short learning videos that will provide schools with a blended PD approach enabling them to maximise the use of Purple Mash.


It is the perfect way to ensure that your staff are confident in the use of all the tools within Purple Mash. Great for both class teachers as well as subejct specialists, there is a course for getting started as well as one full of tips for administrators.

The range of topics available now for schools to use are detailed below:

  • Getting started – everything you need to know to get started with Purple Mash.
  • Setting and Assessing – explores how to use 2Dos and the Data Dashboard in Purple Mash to set and assess work.
  • Sharing online work – explores the functionality within Purple Mash to share work using links and QR codes, Display Boards, 2Email and 2Blog.
  • Administrators tips – learn how to set up users, create shortcuts to Purple Mash and Mini Mash and how to access work by pupils across the school for moderation.
  • Early Years – explores the tools and resources for Early Years – in particular, Mini Mash, an interactive classroom for children to explore.
  • Serial Mash – explores the online books and reading resources, including spelling, punctuation and grammar, and comprehension exercises available in Purple Mash.
  • Maths – explores the resources in Purple Mash that will support the teaching of Maths - including number, shape, statistics and programming.
  • English – explores resources that will support the teaching of English – from handwriting and typing to creating bespoke grammar activities.
  • Science – explores the resources in Purple Mash that will support the teaching of science – from online tools to quizzes and blogging.
  • DigiTech Scheme of Work – looks in detail at the Digital Technologies Scheme of Work in Purple Mash, from planning to setting tasks and assessing work.
  • Coding – explores the resources available to teach coding, including using 2Code, 2Go and Logo.  It also explores games design and game creation.
  • Online Safety – explores resources to help teach Online Safety and demonstrates how Purple Mash enables teachers and students to work safely online.

Teachers can access the courses here. The courses are self-paced, and teachers can undertake the courses at anytime and anywhere, they are designed to support teachers in using Purple Mash and to enable them to maximise how they use Purple Mash to support learning. The courses are short and focused and include links to extra support and notes, with quiz questions used to assess and reinforce learning.

This is just one of the ways that 2Simple supports PD within your school, we also have webinars running that staff can use as well.  We hope you find the course useful and if there are any requests for further training courses to be added then please let us know by emailing us