Roaring ahead with Purple Mash for Maths

Dec. 2, 2020

An image representing the primary school maths leaders toolkit from Purple Mash by 2Simple Ltd

Purple Mash has an enormous amount of maths resources to use both in class or as extension work or as a homework activity. There are a comprehensive set of maths games, worksheets and printable charts for both homeschoolers and teachers.

Maths can be fun and exploratory, and also needing repetition and practice, which means that a maths teacher requires an enormous amount of resources and worksheets to ensure the learners are able to repeat a skill or a concept over and over again. Times tables and bonds of 10 are early learning concepts that need constant reinforcing and practice. Very often activities need to be sent home so that the teacher can ensure these critical learning blocks are well established before moving on to a more complex concept.

Times tables resources.png

Purple Mash has a full set of resources to teach those elementary and essential building blocks. A good example of that is Times Tables. In order for the learners to effectively move on to more complex multiplication and division they need to be proficient in tables. Purple Mash has printable times tables, worksheets and numerous games to ensure the learner cements their learning in a fun and constructive way. Monster Multiplication cleverly adapts to students’ performance, making it ideal for students across the primary age range.

Monster Multiplication.png

Among other concepts, fractions are dealt with in a fun and thorough way with games and charts, and practice worksheets. If you would like one of our A2 fractions posters, we have a few to give away. Just email us and we'll pop one in the post to you.

Once again Purple Mash proves to be the perfect classroom assistant. To be used for actual lessons or as a supplementary aide to add interest and texture to your lesson and homework assignments.

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