Using Purple Mash for home learning

March 10, 2020

We know that schools always strive to stay open but there are sometimes circumstances that mean schools have to close.  This doesn’t mean the learning needs to stop. Purple Mash gives schools access to both school and home learning.

What can we do in Purple Mash?

Purple Mash contains thousands of opportunities for learning. You’ll find these in the forms of

Open ended tools: Here children can engage with publishing, story creation, game design, concept mapping, collaborative writing and art, to name a few.

Spelling and Grammar: Using Purple Mash, you can set weekly spelling quizzes across your school. These self-mark, and you’ll find the results in the Data Dashboard. Grammar games can be accessed in the ‘Games’ area by children as well as in the teacher’s area.

Maths: From spreadsheets to graphing and from times table games to competitive maths racing games, you’ll find a whole host of maths-based tools and resources to engage and challenge your students.

Cross Curricular project work: Use the Purple Mash search bar to quickly find resources relating to your school topics or navigate the ‘Inquiry Topics’ area. You’ll find themed writing templates, slide shows, stories, quizzes and more.

The video below gives you an overview of Purple Mash:

We have put together information on how Purple Mash can support schools in the event of closure, which you can download here.

If you are currently not subscribed to Purple Mash, but require a platform for home learning, click here.