Using TPACK with Purple Mash

Feb. 24, 2020


In our ever-increasing technological society teachers need to have the technological knowledge alongside the pedagogical and content knowledge needed to be effective teachers. The TPACK (Technological, Pedagogical and Content Knowledge) designed by Punya Mishra and Matthew J. Koehler (2006) has been used successfully by many schools as a learning framework that effectively enhances the use of educational technology. It considers these three areas of knowledge.
At 2Simple we are committed to supporting teachers in the simplest and most effective means possible, providing all the required resources, know-how and tools. The concept map shown here has been created using one of Purple Mash's tools - 2Connect and it showcases how the TPACK framework is supported when using 2Simple’s creative learning environment, Purple Mash.

Purple Mash is a complete curricular program that covers every subject in the curriculum and a great deal more. It provides everything from lesson plans to prepared resources to collaboration within and across classes and schools, mapping, content, gaming and more! Be it mathematics, English, coding, science, whatever. there are tools and resources for it all, and all in one place, with the benefits that brings.

Technological knowledge

Let's first consider technological knowledge. Teachers can’t be experts in everything, which can help them is simple, easy to learn tools and resources all in one place, with similar functionality, this is Purple Mash. Teachers can deliver real quality lessons and deliver them with confidence. When they become more proficient, they can tailor the experience, all the tools are still there with the means to make changes, customise, personalise and deliver a bespoke experience for their students. The students grow their knowledge and skills while using the tools and resources, and this can be tracked by their teachers.

Purple Mash’s simple, powerful and sophisticated tools are designed for young learners and have consistent workflow developing technical knowledge for students and teachers, from coding, spreadsheets and databases to music, art and game creation. Complex processes are made easy through visual representations. For example, record cards in a database physically move across the screen to illustrate searching, sorting and grouping of data. Video tutorials guide the students and teachers through the processes enabling them to become the creators, armed with the necessary tools, models, skills and knowledge.

Purple Mash uses industry standards so guiding students along the learning process within technology, making aspects familiar from an early age. Consistent menus and familiar icons are used throughout Purple Mash. Also, the means to collaborate using the 2Connect, 2Write, 2Bog and 2Email tools.

Industry standards.JPG

Pedagogical Knowledge

Now let's consider pedagogical knowledge.

Students learn best through engaging, relevant and challenging activities and experiences. Purple Mash has teacher features to enable this, including the provision to give feedback, both oral and text and award rewards. Students can too respond both orally and by text.


There are the means to showcase students' work through digital class display boards, embed codes, URLs, internal email, home access and blogging, enabling peer review and real audiences both within school and outside of school. Teachers can create personalised experiences for their students and the students can 'self-discover' and be creative within the safe and secure environment of Purple Mash. It enables the integrated approach to teaching and learning through its powerful tools, comprehensive content and teacher guidance materials. Progressive stages are built-in and the tools themselves progress in features and functionality to cater for all levels. Pre-made activities save teachers time and provide models that can easily be adapted.

Content Knowledge

And now to content knowledge. In addition to 100s of pre-made templates and activities that can be used without any amendment, Purple Mash has a scheme of work specifically for the Digital Technology curriculum mapped to the Australian curricula. It contains detailed lesson plans and all the resources needed to equip teachers and students with the means to develop skills and understanding in digital technology and apply this across the whole curriculum, thus supporting students in our increasingly globalised society.

All about birds.JPG

Purple Mash is used across the world with over 2 million users, 7000 schools in 74 countries. If you are not yet one of these schools, the best way to experience this is to have a FREE trial of Purple Mash and see it for yourself.