World Music Day - 21st June

June 17, 2020

Fete de la Musique – World Music Day is an annual music celebration that started in France in 1982 and which now takes place in 120 countries and 1000 cities across the world on 21st June.  'Make Music Australia' is Australia's contribution and aims to engage everyone in making music anywhere and everywhere. They hope to be taking over the streets with music but if that is not possible due to "social distancing" they invite everyone to join in online through one of the online initiatives that will be taking place. You can find out more on their website and discover how it is being celebrated around the world here.

Purple Mash has a wealth of resources for you to celebrate and take part in 'Make Music Australia' either in school or at home. Why not start with our brand-new music platform – Busy Beats!

Using synths, samples and playing loops, children can be a DJ or music producer. Busy Beats enables children to experiment with textures, pitch and melody to create their own beats. We have set up a Busy Beats Display board where students can upload their creations to inspire others with creating their own beats.

2Explore is perfect for 5-7 year olds and enables children to play and record simple melodies by clicking on the instruments. There is also 2Sequence where you can drag and drop sounds into the grid, exploring harmony and building up musical scores. 2Beat can also be used to teach rhythm and pulse by building up various beats. You can set all these applications as 2Do’s within Purple Mash, perfect with a theme to get students to create their own music for 'Make Music Australia'.

Alongside the musical applications, students could also test their musical knowledge with our Instruments Database Quiz or our Music Quiz. Why not get students to create their own Music Quiz for Make Music day, on a musical topic of their choice! Students can also research famous musicians and use our Mashcams to become a famous singer or guitarist.

A whole school blog could also be set up for 'Make Music Australia' with students and teachers sharing their favourite piece of music – it could become an amazing 'lifting restrictions' playlist!

Whatever you do for 'Make Music Australia' we would love to hear and see your work, don’t forget to add your Busy Beats to our Display board, you can also share your work on Twitter @2SimpleAus or @PurpleMash, or on Facebook @2SimpleAustralia.