2Build a Profile Updates for the English Early Years Framework

Sept. 17, 2015

We've made some changes to the Early Years Framework for England so please make sure you UPDATE YOUR FRAMEWORKS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE (instructions below) to ensure you have the most up to date version.


The changes have been made from customer feedback to make the app/framework even easier to use! The changes made are....


The Early Learning Goals now have their own subheading so that they're easier to find and have been broken down to be more specific about what each learner has achieved.


Exceeding Judgements have been moved into the Early Years Framework for easier use (ie: if a learner has completed the 40-60 strand you can now easily access the exceeding statement rather than needing to exit the the early years framework first.) These have also been broken down to be more specific about what each learner has achieved.


The Characteristics of Learning have remained in the same place in the Early Years Framework but they are now more detailed. 


To start making the most of these great updates, please update your frameworks as soon as possible. The new frameworks are already being used on the websuite and for reporting.


If you don't update straight away, the old frameworks will still work but the tagged objectives will be mapped to the new framework on the websuite to ensure that you have a record of them for when you do update the app.


Instructions to update framework


To re-load your framework and to ensure you are using the most up-to-date framework please do this:


1. Make sure that you have wifi connection
2. Go to settings
3. Tap on "Log in" - you should receive a message back saying "Success"
4. Tap on "Check for frameworks updates" - you should receive a message back saying "Synchronising" (let support know if it says anything else)
5. Tap on "Preload objectives from server" - This should start checking and then loading categories.


Once this has finished the objectives should be updated and stored in the app.

Please note: Only tap on the "check for framework updates! and "Preload objectives from server" again if instructed to do so by support.