2Design and Make - Now works with 3D Printers!

June 12, 2015


This week 2Simple released an update on a Purple Mash favourite, 2Design and Make. The tool does exactly what it says on the tin: children use it to design nets, print them out, and then make their 3D objects.


The latest version has several new features. It has a bright screen view and gives children a clear idea of what their design will look like in 3D. They are also able to interact with their 3D model, changing its width and length. But, best of all, they can export their design into a format that can be printed on a 3D printer.


These models can be used for many different subjects and cross-curricular work. For example, Geometry in the maths curriculum requires children to interact with different shapes, make nets and build 3D models, and describe shape properties (edges, sides, faces).


For Geography, children can build whole neighbourhoods, including houses and cars. Similarly, children can design their own Egyptian pyramid or Tudor house, or they could work as a class to build Stonehenge for their History subject.


All of these projects incorporate the Design and Technology curriculum. Children design and make different shapes or structures, and using 3D printing they can experiment with different materials as well.


But how easy is it to use 2Design and Make in the classroom?


Step 1: Choose a model to work on: vehicles (car, bus, lorry cab, train), models (pickup truck, trailer, house, angel), 2D shapes (crown, fish, animal masks), or polygon (cube, pyramid, triangular prism, hexagonal prism).

Step 2: Customise your model, automatically generate a net (flat print), or see the 3D model. Paint your net (use the pattern fill tool to create brick patterns).

Step 3: Print as PDF or as a 3D model.


That’s it! As with all Purple Mash releases, we have videos and teacher resources to support use in the classroom. Want to share your creations? We’d love to see them! Share your images on Twitter or Facebook for other schools to see.