2Email Updates

Jan. 7, 2021

2Email within Purple Mash, has seen an increase in use over the past year with remote and blended learning. We have been listening to you and have made a number of updates to 2Email to support you and your communication with pupils.

We have given the whole application a refresh and updated and modernized the design of 2Email and have updated our teacher guide on using 2Email, which gives you an overview of all the updated features.

A lot of schools are using 2Email to communicate daily overviews of remote learning, as teachers are able to attach files and insert links into an email ensuring that all pupils get the information that they need for learning on that day.

This is where we feel the first update will have the most impact for a teacher during remote learning as now within 2Email, teachers are able to view the sent email and see which pupil has viewed the email, as is illustrated in the image below. Mrs G can see that Cedric has opened his email but Draco and Cho have not.


Teachers can use this to monitor pupils engagement with remote learning as well as ensuring that they are receiving instructions and work set.

An image showing the folders in the new 2Email update.png

The second update is that users will now be able to create folders and sub folders to help with the organization of emails in 2Email. This brings 2email in line with most email clients and will not only help teachers if using 2Email as their main communication tool but will also help pupils learn and understand why organisation of emails and grouping of them is important. Another update is that Pseudo email addresses auto generated by system e.g. harry.potter@purplemash.com. This makes it feel closer to an email client and allows children to understand what an email address is.

We hope that you find the updates to 2Email useful and have loved seeing the different ways that schools have been using 2Email to communicate with their pupils, parents and school community.  If you would like to share how your school have used 2Email then please share your work on Twitter @2SimpleSoftware or @PurpleMash, or on Facebook @2SimpleUK.