2Respond to Famous People

Oct. 11, 2017

Isaac Newton, Barack Obama, Queen Victoria, Martin Luther King and Neil Armstrong - these might be names that you'd think of for a dream dinner party.

And now your class can interact with these famous figures and others through the magic of email.

Children will receive an email from a famous figure such as King Henry VIII, asking them for a message back. After they have done the required research, the child can write an email back to King Henry VIII with their findings. And the conversation doesn't stop there, King Henry VIII will respond back shortly with more questions for them to answer!

It's a great way to use interactivity to engage children with their writing, as well as a way to learn facts about famous and important figures. 

Famous people 2Respond activites can be found in 2Email.

And if your class is learning about a figure that is not covered, you can create your own famous people activites with the 2Respond activities creator. Discover how with the video below.