4 crossover lesson ideas to teach maths and computing

Feb. 15, 2017

Maths and computing go hand in hand - brilliant computer scientists are also inspired mathematicians. To get children onto the path of mastering both these fields, we've put together four lesson ideas that bring maths firmly into the ICT suite.


1 Use angles to program the best route through a 2Go map

Maths link: Use mathematical vocabulary to describe position, direction and movement (Year 2).


The challenges in 2Go serve as a great introduction to programming and predicting simple programs. As you plot your route through a map, it's a wonderful chance to apply concepts relating to angles to predict and program the most efficient journey. In challenge 8, 'win the race', you'll have to use right angles to make sure your car doesn't end up off the course!


2 Code an awesome multiplication-powered race!

Maths link: Recall and use multiplication and division facts for the 3, 4 and 8 multiplication tables (Year 3 and up).


Use 2Code to build an exciting racing game - the twist: the racers need to get faster by correctly answering multiplication questions.


We've created our own version that you can play here, but your class might be able to do even better.



Download the .2code file by right clicking here and selecting 'save as' to use our game as a starting point to edit and play with.


3 'Design and Make' your own 3D models with nets

Maths link: Recognise, describe and build simple 3D shapes, including making nets (Year 6).


From pentagons to trains and off-the-wall creations, 2Design and Make can make a variety of shapes come to life.


Design an imaginative 3D object, print out the net and assemble it to fully understand how 2D nets create 3D shapes.


For inspiration, view the finalists from our recent 3D design competition.


4 Showcase your understanding with your own quiz

Maths link: Anything and everything! (Year 3 and up).


Children can create their own maths quizzes using the brand-new 2Quiz tool. Use the maths question format, or use your imagination to mix and match the different formats to create a totally unique quiz. 


Here's a football-themed maths quiz we made earlier:



There's never been a better time to get maths and computing working in harmony because the 2Quiz Maths Competition is now running. Take a look.