5 Purple Mash gems

Feb. 16, 2018

Have you ever gone into Purple Mash and found yourself thinking “It would be great if Purple Mash could do this”? Well, it might be doing it already! Read on to discover 5 of our favourite hidden gems in Purple Mash.

Number 5: 2Count

2Count is a tool that only creates pictograms. Its simplicity is perfect for working with younger children, especially as an introduction to using computers as part of their regular lessons. An often forgotten but very fun way to begin to introduce graphs and basic counting concepts. Find 2Count in the Creative Tools tab.


Number 4: 2Design and Make

2Design and Make is a tool that allows you to create 3D objects from a 2D interface. You can print out your creations (which include cars and trucks, houses, hats, and masks) then fold and stick them together. One great use is to create a 3D neighbourhood or town, complete with busses and cars. It’s also a great way to explore shapes in Maths using the 3D shape template. Find 2Design and Make in the Creative Tools tab.


Number 3: 2Create a Story

2Create a Story allows you to create digital story books. For those familiar with the 2Create a Story and 2Create a Superstory CD products, the Purple Mash version is a mix between the two, allowing the animations of 2Create a Superstory without the complex process. The stories can contain animated drawings on two layers, sound effects, and even voice recordings. The template encourages image-based story writing and the voice recording option opens the door for younger children to get creative in story-telling. To help inspire children to get creative, we have a stock of exciting backgrounds, sound effects, and the ability to import or create your own from. This tools is also available as an app for iPads—free to use if you have Purple Mash—which allows children to also use it at home. 2Create a Story is in the Creative Tools tab and in the iPad App Store.


Number 2: 2Investigate

2Investigate was developed for Purple Mash when it was still in its early stages. It’s a powerful and simple visual database that allows data entry within an entire class of pupils. Collaborative entry means less time on data entry and more time on data investigations. Even better, it comes with ready-made databases so your children can practice data interrogation before actually building their own. You can find it in the Creative Tools tab.


Number 1: 2Type

2Type was a favourite CD product that we simply had to bring into Purple Mash. It’s a little hidden away so don’t feel bad if you haven’t spotted it yet. We’ve put it in the Games tab because it makes learning how to type fun by challenging children to race against the clock and type the letters on the screen. 2Type is a good way to get your pupils watching the screen and putting their fingers in the right position on their keyboard.