Weekly activities, Webinars and Blogs - Support for Remote Learning

May 15, 2020

Weekly activites, Webinars and Blogs are just three of the ways that we can support you with remote learning and Purple Mash.

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How schools are using Purple Mash for remote learning - Part 2

May 13, 2020

This is the second part of our series looking at how schools are using Purple Mash to support remote/home learning, discussing what is working for them and any top tips that they might have for other schools that may help or give some ideas. You can find the first post here.

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Weekly activities - support for Home Learning

March 26, 2020

Our weekly activities have been updated for this week and include more support to help you with home/remote learning.

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How Purple Mash can support your school

March 19, 2020

Schools worldwide are now closing due to the current CoVID-19 outbreak, making it necessary for school leaders and teachers to prepare for remote learning and home access. In order to support your remote learning on Purple Mash, we have highlighted some resources to help you.

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Setting home activities with Evidence Me

March 19, 2020

Great News! Did you know that Evidence Me can be used for setting activities for children who are at home?

Here's how.

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