Are you ready for National Poetry Day?

Sept. 30, 2019

National Poetry Day is celebrated every year in the UK, with the aim to inspire children and adults to discover and share poetry. This year Forward Arts Foundation charity, the organisers of National Poetry Day, have chosen the theme of ‘Truth’. Though, the theme should kickstart inspiration and is not prescriptive. Explore the theme with your pupils by telling a truthful story, or even a naughty lie using a poetry template!

We love poetry here at 2Simple and even have a Poetry module, available to all Purple Mash subscribers, that you can use on Thursday across your classrooms. We have activities and resources so your pupils can have a go at writing:

  • an acrostic,
  • haiku,
  • kennings ,
  • or cinquain poem.

Purple Mash-National Poetry.jpg

We also have themed poetry templates including our Autumn Poem module, and our Carnival Poem module.

Remember, you can set 2Do’s for your class so you can start planning your lesson in advance and have it ready to go on Thursday. You could even split your class via themes based on our resources and see what they can come up with.

As National Poetry Day is such a big celebration in the UK, we want to see what you and your class are getting up to whilst sharing your love of poetry. If you create a wonderful poetry inspired display board, or your class have written some exceptional poems, we want to know!

Email with your work, and we will share our favourites across social media to celebrate the 25th anniversary of National Poetry Day and our love of poetry.

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