Assign work in Purple Mash with 2Do

Jan. 12, 2016

The new 2Do feature makes assigning tasks in Purple Mash a breeze. Using 2Do, teachers can set tasks, activities and games for their class or specific children to do. To get started using 2Do, take a look at our instruction videos


Here are just a few different ways you can use this new feature in the classroom.


Assigning activities or games to one pupil

You can use 2Do to assign work to just one group or child in your class. For example, if one of your pupils needs to practice their maths skills, especially fractions, you can assign them to play Fraction Wall over the weekend. Then you can see that pupil’s scores in the Teachers Section.


Assign Maths Games in 2Do and check results in the Teachers Section.



Assigning work to the whole class

You can assign work to all your pupils by selecting the class. They can do the work during the school day or at home, on their own or collaboratively. You can put detailed instructions in the Description section, set a date from which it will appear in children's accounts, and set a hand in date.


Set work to be done at home or over the weekend.




Do all your Purple Mash marking in one place. Have your children complete an activity like a Paint Project. Their final work is saved in the 2Do folder, ready for you to view and assess. Mark all the work quickly by opening the first one, leaving feedback, and clicking the button for the next child's work.


Once you finish writing your feedback for one child's work, click next to be taken to the next child's work.



Creating resources and tracking progress

Create a quiz in 2DIY on any topic. After you save your quiz, you can assign it as a 2Do for your class. Their scores and times will appear in the Teachers Section for you to see.


Check scores for 2DIY quizzes in the Teachers Section.


If you want to discover this new feature and more, attend one of our free CPD cluster sessions in your area. Find your nearest session here.