Autumn themed lesson ideas

Oct. 11, 2016

It’s autumn! That’s brilliant news because it means harvest festival, heaps of colourful leaves falling delicately to the ground, Halloween, and lots more.


We've put together some themed lesson ideas to help make this the best autumn ever.


Give these a go in your own classroom!


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Don't forget that you can assign activities for children to complete using 2Do's.



Get excited for Halloween


Creat a spooky situation with 2Code's haunted house scene

Age: 5-7

Find it by: searching 'Halloween', or going to Tools > 2Code > Haunted house scene


Curriculum Link: Computing - Use logical reasoning to predict the behaviour of simple programs

Description: This is a sorry-looking haunted house to begin with! Can you make things a
little scarier by using simple instructions to move the ghost, bat and skeleton? If you can do that,


maybe you’re ready to transform the bat into something even more frightening…


Wax lyrical about autumn 


Get creative and write an autumn poem

Age: 7-11

Find it by: searching 'autumn', or going to Topics > Seasons > Autumn > Autumn poem

Curriculum Link: English - Writing - Poetry - Composition

Description: Writing prompts help you consider what you want to say in your ode to autumn.
And a range of seasonal photos and clip art will help visually bring your words to life.




Create an autumn scene slideshow


Celebrate the differences you've started to see

Age: 3-5

Find it by: going to Mini Mash Teachers Section > Teacher Tools > Slideshow

Curriculum Link: EYFS > Develop an understanding of growth, decay and changes over time.

Description: Use the slideshow creator to make your own slideshow of autumn changes in the
children's local enviroment. How are the new pictures different to previous pictures?


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