Back to School with 2Simple - Part 1

Aug. 25, 2020

For all teachers, parents and children this back to school year is totally different than any other, for many children this will be the first time that they have been back to school since March.  Bubbles and blended learning were terms that we would not have used this time last year, but terms that we are now all used to. We know that this academic year will be different and challenging in totally different ways and we at 2Simple are here to support you, however we can. This is the first in a series of 2 blog posts that outlines the different ways that 2Simple can support you in school.

Purple Mash: Computing, Maths, English and more...

Your complete online solution for primary education, whether it’s inspiring your writers, extending your coders or boosting the creativity in your children; Purple Mash is a whole curricular resource which supports teachers with delivering challenging subject areas and topics, both in school and for remote learning. Thousands of schools use Purple Mash as an integrated resource to deliver teaching and learning in school from nursery to year 6. The video below is just one of many that feature on our YouTube channel that also provides support, ideas and tips for teachers and parents.

Purple Mash is all about creativity, communication and collaboration. Share work on our digital display boards, create interactive class blogs or stay-in-touch using our secure closed-circuit email system designed specifically for primary school children. Pupils can even collaborate in real-time on work and challenge each other in fun online maths games. Purple Mash is a safe space for children and gives teachers full control over what is shared. Teachers can also make use of the many printables that are available in Purple Mash to support offline working as well as work online.

With support for teachers including weekly webinars, blogs, subject leader toolkits, a resource sharing area and training portal we have everything to ensure that Purple Mash works for you both in school and at home.  But don’t take our word for it, read our blog post to see what schools think of Purple Mash.

Serial Mash: Your online library for Years 1-6

With a library of over 100 books that cater for ages 5-11, many featuring popular curriculum topics, Serial Mash is the best place to support reading when back in school. It comes with free access making it a brilliant way to make more books available at home. Read on tablets, on laptops, with print out copies, or together via an interactive whiteboard, highlighting important words as you read. Each book chapter is complemented by a host of printable resources for whole class, group or individual use. Comprehension quizzes, grammar worksheets, sequencing activities, and open-ended questions - they're all in one place.

Striver image - children doing yoga in primary school hall - by 2Simple Ltd

Striver: PE and Wellbeing in one place

PE will look different when schools return in September with schools working in bubbles. Striver is not only a PE platform with over 400 PE lessons, it also includes 6 wellbeing units to support children on their return. The six wellbeing units allow children to study at increasing levels of depth as they move up through the school. This reinforcement process has been used so that by the time children leave your school, they not only understand these topics, but are able to put what they have learnt into practice in a meaningful way. The wellbeing units are from Years 1 -6 and cover mindfulness and yoga sessions as well as looking at the importance of sleep, nutrition and personal care.

Striver makes PE accessible to teachers from all backgrounds. Simple lesson plans include images, diagrams and videos to guide instructors every step of the way. One-touch assessment makes progress tracking quick and easy. It also includes an app that works off-line so you can access lesson plans and do assessment on the move. Striver's school planner function allows you to assign units to different classes and groups. Once assigned, the teachers have all the information they need to deliver exceptional PE lessons and you can see exactly who is teaching what throughout the year, and because Striver is all about up-skilling your staff it is a great way to spend Sports Premium Funding. Data from every teacher is synced together online, so you can generate powerful whole-school reports whenever you need them.

Evidence Me: Observation and Assessment

Evidence Me is our award-winning assessment and observation app. It shows the impact of children’s learning by capturing learners’ experiences, monitoring their development, and creating reports to share their progress. You can easily take a photo, a video or write a note and it will instantly upload your observation to the app whilst on the go, with or without wi-fi. With Evidence Me teachers can consistently form quality formative assessment and save hours of record-keeping time.

When setting up Evidence Me you can upload your preferred framework, from Early Years to Key Stage 2 or even upload a custom framework. Once an observation has been captured, the auto-suggesting tool will recommend the objectives and next step objectives based on the teacher’s notes of the observation.

Our dedicated parent app can be shared two ways between parents and teachers to share information in real-time. The teacher has control over what is shared with parents; these shared observations are instantly sent to the parent app. Parents can comment on the observation and create their own by adding media and notes. They can then send this back to the teacher to view without having to open email or log on to the websuite. It’s the perfect way for parents to be updated on their child’s progress and learning journey. You can read how one school used Evidence Me when their school was closed to ensure that they kept in touch with their youngest learners during lockdown.

If you are already using Evidence Me then this guide contains all the information you need for setting up for the new academic year.

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In our next post we will be looking at how Mini Mash, Python in Pieces, Dot Com Digital, Inspection Coach and Improvement Hub can all be used to support schools from September as well as different ways that you can access training and support and find out from us all about our latest releases and updates.