Can you mash it? Yes you can!

June 28, 2016

Calling all football mad children and teachers - this is the competition for you.


Purple Mash Player Rating CardTo celebrate UEFA EURO 2016 we're running a competition to find the world's best football themed resource.


Children just need to create something (anything at all) football themed using Purple Mash and share it with us.


The winning child will get a customised football kit for a national team of their choice. Their school will receive Purple Mash free for 6 months, or free CPD (whichever is preferred). 


You have until the final whistle, which will blow July 10th 2016. 


It's free to enter!


To enter the competition all you'll need is access to Purple Mash. If you're already a subscriber then skip forward, otherwise just click here to register a free trial from today until the end of the tournament (July 10th 2016). 


So lace those boots, pull your socks up.... and get creative! 


Download the full competition guide. Inside Purple Mash you'll also find free classroom and staffroom posters for promoting the competition in your school. 


You can see some examples of football themed resources on this Display Board - feel free to use these as the basis for your own creations, we're sure yours will be better.  


EURO 16 Purple Mash Display Board


Good luck! We can't wait to see what you come up with.