Celebrate Halloween with these spooky Purple Mash activities

Oct. 21, 2015

Here are three ideas for Halloween themed lesson activities. You can find all of them (plus lots more) by simply searching for the word 'Halloween' in Purple Mash. Alternatively you could use 2DIY to create your own resource, like a themed spelling quiz or pairs game. 



2Code Haunted House Scene 

Halloween is the perfect time to complete the 2Code Haunted House activity. It is aimed at children in KS1 and you'll find it in the 'Chimp' section. Older children can use the 'Free Code' areas to create more complex (and more terrifying) scenes or games. You'll find 2Code in the 'Tools' section on Purple Mash.


You can see the finished scene below. Those of you who are brave enough might want to try clicking on the skeleton and the bat... you have been warned! 





Purple Mash Ghost MashCamGhost MashCam

Turn yourself into a ghost with the touch of a button. Use the speech bubble or record your voice to tell everyone what it's like to be a ghost. 


There are dozens of MashCams to choose from. They are great for roleplaying in the Early Years, History and themed events like Halloween. You'll find MashCams in the tools section on Purple Mash



Purple Mash Halloween Poem Halloween Poem 

Halloween is a night of high emotion; it is unlike any other night of the year. It also comes complete with it's own distinct vocabulary. This makes it the perfect platform for inspiring children to write poetry. 


Use this scaffoled writing template to pen a Halloween poem. It includes 'Word Prompts' to help children come up with ideas and the themed clipart lets your decorate the page.


My poem is about dressing up as a ghost and frightening my family. 


Poems are great things to share. Why not set up a Halloween Purple Mash display board, so parents and guardians can enjoy your work?


If you don't know how to set up a display board you can find full instructions here, or give us a call on 0208 203 1781.  







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