Children’s Mental Health Week 3-9 February 2020

Jan. 20, 2020

We will always face challenges in life, we can’t always change the things that happen but we can change how we deal with them. It isn't about coping alone or hiding things, it’s about giving ourselves the right tools to handle anything that life throws at us, which is why the theme this year is Find Your Brave.

As well as a range of resources that can be used within school over the week that supports the theme Find your Brave you can also download our free wellbeing pack and trying a wellbeing lesson from Striver and Dot Com Digital with your class.

Our 2Simple Wellbeing portal has a range of initiatives and resources that promote wellbeing and help children to find their brave.

Dot Com Digital - Safeguarding and Wellbeing

The Dot Com Digital Logo by 2Simple Ltd

DotCom.Digital provides a unique safeguarding programme that supports children’s personal development and offers a safe environment for them to have a voice. Dot Com or ‘Dot’ is a cartoon friend to children that talks to them in their own language and helps them learn how to speak up about issues which frighten or worry them. Created with Essex Police and the National Police Chief Council Lead for Internet Intelligence and Investigations, the free version includes five different themes.

The two activities most suitable for this week are: feeling safe and recognising personal warning signs (uh-oh signs). Within these themes, children will be able to talk about times when they experience a range of feelings and identify how they show and manage their feelings. There are a range of activities for children to complete including paint projects, mashcams, writing templates and concept mapping. Dot Com Digital provides a safe place for children to share and practise expressing their thoughts, feelings and worries without judgement enabling them to explore powerful themes that all have real purpose, enabling children to become critical thinkers and put into practice safe behaviours within a supportive environment.

Striver - PE and Wellbeing in one place.

Striver has been created with a sole purpose: To improve primary aged pupils’ (5-11) long-term physical and mental wellbeing. We do that by ensuring children of all abilities feel motivated and engaged, and teachers of all experience levels feel confident and in control. It is the only PE scheme of work that is supported by six wellbeing units, all housed in a web-platform that minimises the time required for admin, without cutting any corners.

As part of the new statutory Health Education guidelines, there is a requirement to teach wellbeing. As physical and mental health are interlinked, we thought it made sense that teachers could access PE and wellbeing resources in the same place. Striver has 6 wellbeing units that complement the Health Education guidelines. You can teach your class about teamwork and leadership, mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, sleep, and personal care. These topics are repeated each year to help children develop self-confidence and resilience as they move up through the school. You can download a free sample pack including two full lessons, plus an overview of Striver and sign up for a free 14-day trial to use in school.


Striker Boy - Emotional Resilience

You can also download our free emotional resilience workshop pack. This workshop has been already been delivered to over 2, 000 children across the UK, in partnership with professional football clubs and as a part of the Striker Boy Campaign in aid ofMind, the country's leading mental health charity. The pack explains exactly how to run the workshop in your school and provides a platform for introducing the topic of emotional resilience and contains practical tips for developing this in children alongside inspiring self-belief.

Serial Mash logo by 2Simple Ltd

Serial Mash - The growing online-library of guided reading books

Serial Mash is a growing online library of guided reading books, with a new chapter published every week of term including writing activities and guided reading resources so all the hard work is done for you.  Altogether, the chapter packs add up to a growing library of more than 50 books, many featuring popular curriculum topics. It comes with free home access, making it a brilliant way to make more books available to children at home. The exciting 'Fire Bolt' series is included specifically to give less confident readers the chance to read for pleasure.

If you have Serial Mash the book Seven Hours to save the world would be perfect to use during this week - do you know what it’s like to be the last person alive in the whole wide world? Lucy does, she doesn’t want to believe it but she is going to have to face the facts – she has seven hours to save the world. Find out if she is successful...

You can sign up for a trial of Serial Mash here.

Purple Mash -

If you're a Purple Mash subscriber there are a range of tools that you could use within Purple Mash during this week that link with the theme Find your brave.

How about making use of our Super hero Mashcams for children to write about a time they were brave and overcame their fears or tried something new, perfect for children to put themselves in the frame and explain when they showed their SuperHero qualities. Older children could also use this writing template about a time in their life that they had to deal with conflict and what they did to overcome it – it could also be used as a discussion point in PHSE to talk through with children how they deal with situations and resolve them. We have made these resources free for the week for you to use in class.

We hope that you find these resources useful in helping your pupils to find their brave, if you use any of the resources mentioned we would love to hear from you on either our Twitter or Facebook pages #FeelYourBrave