A Computing Lead's Best Friend!

May 15, 2018

Purple Mash – A Computing Lead’s Best Friend!

2Simple has been making powerful education software for 20 years, inspiring millions of children and teachers along the way.

Within 2Simple is the ever evolving and popular Purple Mash - made for schools who want a wide and varied approach to computing and it’s something we really pride ourselves on.

We know things are quite tough for the education community at the moment, and we want to be there for you every step of the way, holding your hand and being your “turn to” friend not just for computing, but for the whole curriculum.

Computing leads up and down the land have long considered Purple Mash to be their “best friend” when it comes to their subject -and why not? Here’s what we provide:-

Support for Computing Leads

Purple Mash can be used by Computing Leads who either teach computing as a specialist subject or as part of their class teacher role – it works for everyone.

Because it’s so easy to use, with so many tools, it’s easy to take the lead when it comes to promoting computing and showing good practice, setting a high standard for the rest of the staff and showing off your skills to the senior team.

Why not become a “Power User” and get to know the tools inside out – you could even attend or host one of our Mash Meets to share best practice with other Computing Leads – swapping handy hints and tips.

Embed technology across all subjects

Why not use Purple Mash to bring technology to life across the whole curriculum – computing suite not always required! Set 2Dos for home learning, use our spelling and grammar resources, set tasks for children who are new to English, do science activities, play maths games either individually or as a class – the list goes on!

We’ve a goldmine of resources and tools that can be used for whole class teaching or simply printed off to be used by children independently.

We also cover topics such as the World Cup, Royal Wedding, and whatever else is on the horizon with a calendar of upcoming events with links to our resources and tools – we do the thinking for you!


Bring the computing curriculum to life

Use award winning tools such as 2Code, 2Chart and 2Quiz all in one place, or help your children understand more about online safety.

Helen Smith, Computing Lead

“The brilliant thing about Purple Mash is the ease of use for children – they can genuinely get on independently, leaving you to give individual attention where needed, not easy with a class of 30!”

Use Purple Mash to really motivate children and give them confidence in Computing – to set them up as possible coders of the future!

Follow a full computing scheme of work

So you’ve got the tools you need – now what? You need a computing scheme of work! Our scheme has been written specifically with the National Curriculum aims in mind and also contains end up unit assessments so you’ll know if each child is on track and what you can do to help them make progress.

The scheme specifically uses the Purple Mash suite of tools to meet the expectations of the National Curriculum and will ensure that you’re getting maximum use out of you.

Our scheme is also designed to be used by non specialist Computing teachers who aren’t sure where to begin or perhaps lack computing confidence.

If you’re the Computing Lead this also means you won’t need to hunt around, pay extra for, or even create your own scheme of work – we’ve done the work for you! And all in one handy place too.

Find out more or sign up for your free trial today.