End of Year Procedures

June 9, 2015


The end of your school year is an ideal time to clear your capture devices and get your new classes ready. Just follow these simple steps to make sure you're ready for when the new school year begins.


1: Re-set the app:

Make sure that all observations are completed and on the "Web Management Suite"- you can check this in the ‘View observations’ area on the "web suite".


NOTE: Resetting your device will clear off all data so that observations will no longer appear on your device. This will help to create more storage within the app which will help the software to run more smoothly. It will also avoid any confusion searching through old observations. As long as all your observations are synced to the web suite (you'll see a green dot on the observations on the device, like the ones in the image to the right), you won't lose any of your old observations.


To re-set your app...


  • Open the app
  • Go to settings
  • Tap "Reset all data"
  • Enter your username and password and tap log in
  • Set "Use multiple devices" ON
  • Set "Use as master device" OFF
  • Tap "Back"
  • Tap on "My Class" to go to the classes and learners page
  • Tap on "Refresh" to load your new class details


Now you're ready to start capturing your new school years observations!


TOP TIP: We recommend that you re-set all the data within your app at the end of each school term to keep the app running tip top condition throughout the year!


2: Amend/ add new class lists:


Manage your classes on the web suite. Go to www.2buildaprofile.com and select Class Setup.


  • Create your new class structure by renaming existing classes when possible (e.g. Rename your Nursery group to Reception).
  • Delete, move or add learners as appropriate - delete or cut & paste learner names along with their ID.*


*PLEASE NOTE: It is important to keep the learner ID's the same so that all observations are carried over into the new school year.


  • If you want to save data for children you no longer teach, create a new group called "Leavers (reporting)" in the web suite. Then cut & paste the learners with their IDs into that group. Reporting groups will not appear on your devices, but data will still be available on the web suite for you to access should you need it.
  • Tap "Save Changes".


3: Re-load your framework to ensure you are using the most up-to-date framework:


  • Make sure that you have wifi connection
  • Go to settings
  • Tap on "Log in" - you should receive a message back saying "Success"
  • Tap on "Check for frameworks updates" - you should receive a message saying "Synchronising"
  • Tap on "Preload objectives from server" - this should start checking and then loading categories


Note: This is particularly important for 2Build a Profile Primary users to ensure you have the National Curriculum available on your devices.


PLEASE REMEMBER: Our very friendly and helpful support team are always here for you, just call 0161 883 2332 or email support@2buildaprofile.com