Fairtrade Fortnight - 22nd February-7th March 2021

Feb. 3, 2021

Fairtrade Fortnight aims to put a spotlight on trade. When trade is fair it has the potential to improve the lives of the farmers and workers who grow our food and it can make the world a better place.

This year Fairtrade Fortnight is highlighting the growing challenges that climate change brings to farmers and workers in the communities Fairtrade works with. The climate crisis is an immediate and ever-increasing threat and those in climate vulnerable countries are already seeing its impacts from droughts and crop disease to floods, heatwaves and shrinking harvests. Fairtrade works to raise the voices of producers and prioritise what they need to respond to the environmental crises unfolding in already vulnerable communities. This Fortnight, they are asking everyone to #ChooseTheWorldYouWant and use your voice to tell others about the challenges that farmers face from climate change.


With the emergence of the global COVID pandemic, the challenges that farmers face now are bigger than ever before with falling commodity prices and widespread shocks reverberating along our global supply chains. Ongoing poverty in farming communities makes it increasingly hard to cope with the effects of climate change.

There are a range of resources on Purple Mash that can be used during the fortnight. Children can watch the Climate change Slideshow to find out about climate change and how to look after the earth and then take our Climate Change Quiz. Children can use this template to prepare for a debate on Fair Trade or write a news report on the effects of deforestation and the importance of fair trade. Or why not ask children to research 4 items that can be bought as Fairtrade products and write about them, they could then use this letter template to write to an organisation to ask them why they chosen to stock fair trade products or use this template to write to a local shop to ask them to stock more FairTrade products.

Schools can download a ‘Climate, Fairtrade and You’ Education pack, from the Fairtrade Foundation containing socially distanced assembly scripts, ;lesson plans, home learning girds, a quiz and information about the farmers who are impacted by the climate crisis.  The Fairtrade Foundation is also hosting a virtual online festival bringing together schools, universities, businesses, supporters, campaigners and farmers from across the world to choose the world they want this Fairtrade Fortnight. Sign up to the festival here. There will also be opportunities for teachers to attend a range of free professional development sessions.

We would love to see your Fair Trade work #ChooseTheWorldYouWant so please share either on our Twitter or Facebook pages.