Festival Themed Lesson Ideas

April 14, 2016

The SMSC Framework means that children need to learn about the different practices, and beliefs, of the faiths that make up multi-cultural Britain. 


You can teach SMSC year-round, but with March 2016 playing host to so many wonderful festivals this is great a opportunity to explore the ideas around faith.   


Purple Mash includes lots of faith based resources, but if you're looking for extra ways to support SMSC check out the Faith Matters add-on. 


If you want to find other faith themed resources go to Topics > Celebrations and Faith, or try different search terms in the Purple Mash search bar.


If you're logged into Purple Mash then use the links below to open the activity. 


Don't forget that you can assign faith themed activities for children to complete using 2Do's.


Easter Egg


How to find: search 'easter', or go to Topics > Celebrations & Faith > Easter

Curriculum Link: EYFS - Expressive arts and design - Exploring and using media and materials + SMSC

Description: This scaffolded template stops you going over the lines allowing even very young children to design a beautiful Easter egg. Start by choosing one of the coloured pens, and then get to work exploring colours and patterns. These are perfect for showing off on Display Boards. 



Age: KS1

How to find: search 'purim', or go to Topics > Celebrations & Faith > Purim

Curriculum Link: SMSC + English 

Description: Start by watching the introductory video and talking about Purim as a class, then use this themed template to make a vibrant poster about Purim. The in-built word bank and themed clipart will make sure you're not stuck for ideas. 


St Patricks Day

Age: KS2

How to find: search 'patrick', or go to Topics > Celebrations & Faith > National Saint's Days

Curriculum Link: SMSC + English 

Description: Use the internet to research St Patrick's Day or talk about your own St Patricks Day memories and experiences. Then use this themed template to write about what you have learnt. Use the word bank and themed clipart to guide your work. 


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