Get personal with the 2Respond Creator

Dec. 6, 2016


You can now create your own 2Respond activities with the 2Respond Creator


Captivate children with emails from any character you create, and amaze them with your own pre-programmed responses to their replies.


Compose as many emails as you like in advance, and set time delays to make the responses feel genuine.


You can attach pictures and Purple Mash Projects, and as soon as you assign the activity to a group, it behaves exactly the same as any other 2Respond activity.


Children log in to 2Email and see the first message in the chain waiting for them. Then they're off, into email conversation with the character of your choice, composing, attaching and sending their own messages. 


We've used it to make a seasonal activity that gives children the chance to interact with Santa Claus. Check out our trailer below to learn more.


Login and create your own 2Respond activity in 2Email today. 


Don’t have Purple Mash? Find out more.



If you can't see this video, watch it on youtube.