Home Learning with 2Simple - Video support

March 24, 2020

We have created a series of short videos to support you with using 2Simple for home learning. These videos cover a range of help topics including:

  • Setting up Display Boards
  • 2Email
  • 2Blog
  • Sharing files with pupils
  • Collaborative learning
  • Setting tasks

As well as video guides to using Sceencastify and the Parent Portal, all these videos can be accessed here.

You can also access them from our 2Simple YouTube channel and the Home Learning playlist. Our YouTube channel also has a range of videos to support you at home from instructional webinars to Yoga vidoes to support wellbeing.

We are also hosting a 30 minute webinar on Thursday 26th March at 12:30 GMT, this webinar looks at how Purple Mash can support home/remote learning and complements the guides that can be found in the teacher area of Purple Mash.

If you are using Purple Mash to support home learning why not share those resources within our Resource Sharing area, here you can also find resources that other teachers have shared, and you can search by both subject and age, a perfect way of sharing the workload across the Purple Mash community.

For any questions please do not hesitate to get in touch via email support@2simple.com or via our social channels: Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.