Hour of Code with Purple Mash

Jan. 12, 2016

2Code contains activities and lessons that teach different aspects of coding through bite-sized challenges. Since 2Code covers the entire computing curriculum, we decided that for the Hour of Code children should be free to code whatever they want, so you'll find Free Code challenges for different year groups below. Free Code gives children more coding options and also introduces them to the blank slate most programmers start with before creating activities and games. Inside Purple Mash, you'll find an Hour of Code folder that contains a game planner writing project, all the Free Code activities, and also a certificate you can print out and give to your pupils.


Years 1 and 2

Years 3 and 4

Years 5 and 6



Years 1 and 2

Challenge: Create a moving scene using Free Code Scenes.


  1. Go onto Free Code Scenes and choose one of the scene activities.
  2. Go onto the Design screen (top right hand side “Design” button) and look at the scene that has been created.
  3. Decide which characters you would like to move and go back onto the Code screen. 
  4. Drag the characters into the coding window and choose a direction for them to move in. Press play.
  5. Experiment with using the “when clicked” and “collision detection” blocks.


Years 3 and 4
Challenge: Create a game using Free Code Chimp or Gibbon.

  1. Go into Free Code Chimp or Gibbon. 
  2. Choose a background image.
  3. Drag and drop the objects onto the screen.
  4. Change some of the properties of the objects
  5. Switch to the Code Screen (top right hand button “Exit Design”) and start to make some of the characters move.
  6. Experiment by adding in “when key”, “when swiped”, “collision detection”, “timer” etc.
  7. Save your game.



Years 5-6
Challenge: Create a game using Free Code Gibbon or Gorilla. 

  1. Go into Free Code Gibbon or Gorilla.
  2. Go onto “Design Mode” and choose your background.
  3. Drag and drop your characters, vehicles, objects to collect etc onto your scene.
  4. Properties – do you need to make an object larger or smaller, change an angle or give a vehicle a speed?
  5. Change to “Code Mode” and start to add in your code.
  6. Save your game and get a friend to play it.
  7. Save your game.



You can tweet your share-links to @2SimpleSoftware or email them to hello@2simple.com. Remember to get an adults permission before sharing your work.


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