How to make the most out of Purple Mash

June 26, 2019

Purple Mash-data dashboard_400px.png
Purple Mash-monster multiplication.PNG

The end of term is fast approaching! Whether you are staying in the same year group or moving, we have tons of fantastic premade content and powerful tools aligned and mapped to the national curriculum. These tools and content have been designed to save you hours of preparation and planning time.

Have you started using the data dashboard yet in your classroom? This fantastic addition to Purple Mash has been designed to track your students’ progress in one place across all subjects. You can produce detailed reports for large areas of the curriculum as well as assign and edit curriculum judgements.

We also have a range of fabulous free downloadable toolkits on Purple Mash, such as the Computer, Science and Foundation leader’s toolkits, which have been designed to support excellence in your subject. These toolkits come complete with budget planners, professional self-evaluation tools, tips, action plans and much, much more! A perfect accompaniment for helping to produce accurate, reflective and concise subject leader reports.

Don’t forget to check out our two latest app releases: Multiplication Table Check and Monster Multiplication. There is no better way to engage your pupils with times tables whilst getting detailed data.