How schools are using Purple Mash for remote learning - Part 2

May 13, 2020

Wheatfields Junior School

Before lockdown, we were using Purple Mash to deliver our computing curriculum, but now realise that we were only scratching the surface of what Purple Mash has to offer. Since school closure, we have been utilising Purple Mash in a variety of ways.

Children across the school are encouraged to log in to Purple Mash daily to check 2Blog and 2Email and to see what 2Dos have been set for their year group. Some of the year groups are using Serial Mash to set reading comprehension activities. The children have been set a range of quizzes to recap prior learning using 2Quiz. In Year 6, the children have also created some of their own quizzes and these have been shared using a Display Board. We are also using Purple Mash to support across the curriculum including using 2Code, 2Beat, 2Sequence, Monster Multiplication and SPaG tasks to name a few. Giving feedback to the children when they hand in a 2Do has been easy and effective.

One of the most exciting advantages of using Purple Mash has been increasing our use of the communication tools available. We are using 2Blog to share and communicate work and successes with the children.

reading blog.png

The whole school blog is really positive as both teachers and children are inspired by the children’s achievements both in their own year groups and other year groups. We have also managed to share the blog with parents on our school website! Every class has their own reading blogs. In Y6, the children are set daily challenges, share book reviews and have a mindfulness blog.  We wish that there was a way to include pictures in the comments when blogging! The picture is an example of a blog post from one of the Y6 class reading blogs.

Another great communication tool on Purple Mash has been 2Email. It has been a great safe way for the children to contact their teachers and ask for support with their home learning. Some pupils have even been able to take more control of sharing their learning with their teachers by attaching to 2E8mail.

Our top tip is to use the communication tools on Purple Mash including 2Blog, 2Email and then give feedback on the 2Dos that the children complete as it helps to increase the engagement in the different tasks and gives a more personal touch to home learning.


Green Dragon Primary School

With Purple Mash being introduced to Green Dragon at the start of the year, we had been implementing the wide array of tools throughout the school curriculum. Since the lockdown, the children are set a variety of different activities twice a week, with these being monitored by their teachers. This allows us to communicate quickly and effectively with the children, whilst providing them with relevant and up to date feedback.

Each Year has their own display board, which allows the children/teachers to share all the wonderful pieces of work that is being done and this work is often sent to the school's Twitter account throughout the week.

The children love the wide array of activities being set. These are always a combination of the reading comprehension/ books found on ‘Serial Mash,’ along with a mixture of maths and Project activities. In particular, the children have particularly enjoyed it when the teachers have got creative and set their own activities/tasks using the programmes found in the ‘Tools’ section.

green dragon twitter.png

If you would like to share how your school has made the most of Purple Mash to support remote learning the please get in touch as we love hearing all the different ways that schools make use of Purple Mash, you can email marketing@2simple.comor on Twitter @2SimpleSoftware or @PurpleMash, or on Facebook @2SimpleUK.