How schools are using Purple Mash for remote learning.

April 29, 2020

With schools using Purple Mash for remote learning we thought we would ask a few schools how they were using the platform, what was working for them and any top tips that they might have for other schools that may help or give some ideas.

Springwell Park Primary School

Springwell Park Primary School have always loved Purple Mash and use it for cross-curricular teaching and learning throughout the school.  During school closure, we are utilising it in a number of different ways. Every morning, the children are alerted to new 2Dos that have been set for them by their teacher.  Once these are completed, they are then sent back to us, when teachers mark and comment back. One thing we love is the range of activities available for all subject and the opportunities of subject knowledge consolidation they offer.

We have also created a class blog and we use this a way of communicating and keeping up with each other.  Our parents are able to ask us questions on there, and our children are simply able to have a chit chat with each other and their teacher.  The work that our pupils complete also sits proudly on the virtual display boards and our children are utilising Serial Mash to enhance their reading skills.

Croxby Primary School

At Croxby, we are setting all of our home learning via Purple Mash. Before we started lockdown, we produced a video (via screencastify) to show parents (and children) how we were going to use Purple Mash during the lockdown. We pinned this video to our twitter page and also posted it on our website. This meant there was clarity from the start about where to look each day for their children's work.

Each Year Group has a blog where the teachers inform their year group of their tasks for that day. This is used as a communications tool throughout the day if the children have any queries. We set their work mostly via 2Dos so that we can feedback on their work which has been handed in. This means we are able to maintain high standards wherever possible and send work back to be improved if we feel the child can act on our advice.


We use Serial Mash for our reading, grammar and writing activities. We then use other Purple Mash tools/work for our theme. This is all just based on learning the children have already done so they are retrieving and strengthening their knowledge rather than asking them to do new learning at home which may prove trickier. Any work which we are proud of, due to effort or standards, we then share onto the year group display board. Each year group has its own. This means if any children are finding a task tricky, they can look on the display board for a WAGOLL (good example). We also share work on Twitter, either using a link or a photograph of their work. Both strategies also make the children feel valued and show that we value their efforts.


At the end of a week we share all of their work on Twitter via a link to the display board - again another way of valuing the children's efforts and a chance for them to reflect on all of their hard work from the week. Our Twitter feed shows how much we use Purple Mash and shows the children how much we value their work:

croxby tweet.JPG

Our top tips are to keep it simple, follow a routine which the children then get used to, set work as 2Dos as much as possible and use the display boards and links to show the children their work is valued.

Oakdale Junior School

We are currently using Year group blog posts to communicate with each year group and use 2Dos to set work for the pupils.  The blog is used to not only set the 2Dos which teachers can then track, mark and comment on where necessary but it also means that we can suggest offline activities for families as well.  Feedback from parents has been positive in how we are using Purple Mash to both set work and communicate.

The weekly activities produced by 2Simple are our starting guide and has meant that staff have somewhere to go and helps save time. We recently had CPD training for the whole staff and are using this to good effect alongside the 2Guides that are found within the teacher area.

Our top tip would be that if you are a school bigger than one form entry, set 2Dos one class at a time. This is easier to manage and close as you are not dependant on the other teacher to have marked theirs.

If you would like to share how your school has made the most of Purple Mash to support remote learning the please get in touch as we love hearing all the different ways that schools make use of Purple Mash, you can email or on Twitter @2SimpleSoftware or @PurpleMash, or on Facebook @2SimpleUK.