International Women in Engineering Day

June 9, 2020

Now in its seventh year, International Women in Engineering Day is a day to celebrate and raise awareness of women choosing a career path within this exciting industry. Taking place on 23rd June, this day is all about appreciating the contribution that women engineers make. Although the campaign is now running virtually, there are several ways you can get involved in the celebrations and to #ShapeTheWorld. In the UK, women only hold 12.37% of engineering roles, although 46.4% of girls between the ages of 11-14 would consider a career in engineering, compared to 70.3% of boys.

The Women in Engineering Society have several activities and resources that you can use and share with your school community. To access these resources, sign up here.

Using Purple Mash, we have several exciting resources that your pupils can dive into to explore the women who are shaping or have shaped the engineering industry.

We start with resources to explore Ada Lovelace. She has been called the world’s first computer programmer and wrote the world’s first machine algorithm for an early computing machine that existed on paper. To be a woman in the 1840s and be renowned as the first computer programmer is an achievement that we celebrate.

You can challenge your pupils to write a fact file about Ada Lovelace, exploring her early life, education and her work on algorithms. Or even test your knowledge of her, using our quiz. See if you can get all the answers right! You might want to check out our Ada Lovelace slideshow to learn all about her life first!

Emily Warren Roebling is another famous woman engineer who stepped into the position of Chief Engineer when building the Brooklyn Bridge after her husband, Washington A. Roebling fell ill. She managed the build and oversaw the completion of the world’s first steel-wire suspension bridge! She was also the first person to cross the bridge.

To celebrate the life of Emily Warren Roebling and her achievements, why not use 2Paint a Picture to paint your own version of the famous bridge. Or you can also, use 2Create a Story and research her achievements and tell her story!

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