Knowledge Organisers with Purple Mash

May 12, 2020

Square image for the Purple Mash Computing knowledge organisers free download by 2Simple Ltd

What’s the difference between the Internet and the World Wide Web? As teachers, we know the answer, but a Year 6 pupil might struggle with remembering when they are learning about networks as part of their Networks Unit. This is where Purple Mash can help.

We have rolled out our Knowledge Organisers on Purple Mash to use alongside our very own Computing Scheme of Work.

Our Knowledge Organisers lay out key vocabulary, questions, resources and learning objectives that can be shared with each pupil in your class. These are accessible for Year 1-6 and have been created for every single unit that each individual year group learn. To make this even more accessible for you, we have collated them all into one downloadable file to help save you time in finding the one you need.

You can also download editable versions so that you can add features that you would like to include in your school’s Knowledge Organisers. If you want your pupils to write a summary of the learning of each lesson, you can add a section for this to the Knowledge Organiser, a perfect way to recap learning while children are learning at home.

When using Purple Mash tools in a cross-curricular context, pupils will be able to refer to the relevant Knowledge Organisers to jog their memories. For example, a Year 5 child using 2Animate to tell the animated story of a science or history topic, will have their Knowledge Organiser for Unit 4.6 (Animation) available to refer to, which will cut down on the need to re-teach the tool that the children have already used.

We wanted to give you a taste of what our Knowledge Organisers include so we’ve put together a pack with examples from units from years 1-6. These include; Online Safety, Coding, Presenting Ideas and Networks.