Make grammar exciting ____ engaging for children of all ages.

June 28, 2016

Choose the right conjunctive to complete the sentence above: AND, OR, BUT. 


Text Toolkit Grammar Games in Purple Mash

The Purple Mash ‘Text Toolkit Grammar Games’ include 37 separate themed activities that reinforce key elements of grammar; they cover everything from super suffixes to clause control.


These activities come in the form of short games, helping children stay engaged and motivated as they progress through the challenges. They can be done as a group on a digital whiteboard, or independently at school or home.


Tests shouldn’t have to be testing.


The Grammar Games offer a relaxed and enjoyable way to prepare children for standardised testing. Children can see their top score for each activity, encouraging them to keep pushing for a new personal best. Teachers can view all scores in the Teacher's Section under ‘Stats Reporting’. This allows you to easily track progress for an individual child or whole class. 


If a child is struggling with a concept you can assign them a specific activity using the Purple Mash 2Do feature. You can also use 2Do’s to assign grammar homework for a whole class. 


Current Purple Mash subscribers can log in today and play their first Grammar Game! 


If your school doesn’t have Purple Mash you can request a free 30-day trial, giving you access to the thousands of themed resources, tools and games. 



Whet your appetite with this free Grammar Game sample…


Coming soon! In September 2016 we’ll be adding a new grammar tool that will allow teachers to create their own grammar games. You’ll be able to tie your grammar games to specific topics; imagine practicing adjectives in space or pronouns in the North Pole! Stay tuned…