Mash of the Month - November

Nov. 2, 2020

Each month we will be highlighting a #MashoftheMonth. This will focus on a tool or application within Purple Mash and how it can be used within the classroom to support learning across the curriculum. During the month if you share how you have used #MashoftheMonth you will then be entered into a draw to win a 2Simple Goody bag!

November’s #MashoftheMonth is 2Simulate. The newly released 2Simulate is an adaptation of the Adventure mode in the 2Create a Story tool.  The simulations include sound, images and animations and some link to other Purple Mash tools. For example, The Dark side of Elpmis also links to an email simulation. It is designed to be used as a whole class, using a whiteboard, rather than on individual machines. The simulations can be found here or in the English section within Tools.

An image showing the 2Simulate icon in Purple Mash.png

There are four simulations:

1) Locked Out: A simulation for younger children about a child who gets locked in the house while her mum is locked out.

2) After the Storm: A newsroom simulation.

3) We want a Playground: A campaign to build a local playground.

4) The Dark side of Elpmis: A space rescue adventure.

Within each activity, there is a resources section where you can find additional ideas and supporting resources, including:

  • Teacher resources: Simulation scripts, lesson plans and teaching guidance
  • Pupil resources: Supporting resources to be used with the pupils.
An image showing 2Simulate activities in Purple Mash.png

If you are using the Purple Mash Computing Scheme of Work, these simulations are used in Unit 3.7 and Unit 4.4. It is advised to reserve the simulations for this use and then use some of the other curriculum-linked resources as follow up lessons.

The simulations provide a rich context for cross-curricular learning objectives, especially in English/Literacy, in Science and in PSHE/Citizenship. Once the simulations have been used to their potential, children are then able to stand back and evaluate them in terms of how effectively they worked and to make comparisons with other simulations. Pupils are likely to be using other simulations out of school on a variety of platforms. The use of the Purple Mash simulations can open the gate to a discussion of the impact of such simulations.

We would love to see how you use our #MashoftheMonth this month – you can either share examples via our Twitter or Facebook pages, or email us at Commmunity@2Simple.com. All examples will be entered into our monthly draw to win a 2Simple goody bag!