Maths Week London

April 1, 2019


Here at 2Simple, we are the proud sponsors of Maths Week London which will be taking place from the 10-14th June 2019.

As a sponsor of this week, we have created a free downloadable pack which contains our most popular Maths games, absolutely free! You can access this via the 'resources' tab on the Maths Week London website.

Maths week London is a celebration of all thing’s Maths related! The aim of this week is to encourage a positive attitude towards the subject, improve fluency and confidence and promote the value of Maths as an essential skill for every career.

Throughout this week, you will be able to access the free resources and the blog to stay updated with this fantastic week! You can do this by signing up here

There is also a contest that will take place within this week, where London schools will compete against each other to win a fantastic prize. You can apply to win up to £250 for your school via the grant fund in order to purchase any resources or equipment that you may need to run this event during the week. For more information click on the link here

So, what are you waiting for? Sign up today to take part in this fantastic week!

Tweet @MathsWeekLDN with any the hashtag #MathsWeekLDN to get involved and share ideas.