National Pet Month with Purple Mash

March 31, 2020

From April 1st - May 10th, we’re celebrating National Pet Month. National Pet Month is one of our favourite awareness months as here at 2Simple, a lot of us own our own little animals! National Pet Month is all about raising awareness for pet welfare and spreading the word on responsible pet ownership.

Using Purple Mash, you can celebrate National Pet Month with several activities we’ve prepared that can be used with your pupils to teach and reinforce the importance of pet welfare. Try out our Lost Dog or Lost Cat poster templates to design a poster about your missing pet! Include important information that means they’ll be found quickly – do they have an unusual marking on their fur? What colour are their eyes?

You can also write an information text about cats and dogs and tell us all about either your own dogs and cats, or you could research the dog or cat you would like to own – what's their favourite food? Which toy do they prefer? You can even use 2Count to make a Pet Pictogram to see how many pupils in your class have a certain animal and for the younger pupils use our Goldfish Bowl Paint Project to paint your fish in its bowl, or use our My Animal Paint Project to design your very own animal! You could create an elebra (Elephant and Zebra mix) or a cog (Cat and Dog in one!)

We thought National Pet Month is the best time to tell you all about the 2Simple pets and how our pets improve our wellbeing and our favourite thing about them! Owning a pet has been proven to release endorphins, which in the long run improve your wellbeing. With a pet, especially those with dogs, you have an increase in physical fitness and/or activity. It’s also proven that having a pet can reduce your levels of stress and anxiety through comfort, cuddles and even laughter. Some studies also show that pets are wonderful for emotional development.

Dogs of 2Simple.png

Dogs of 2Simple

Ian: Riley is a 10-year-old rescue dog that is as mad as a box of frogs! He is a great companion for me as I work from home, - he is too lively in the car to accompany me on school visits, but I am sure that if he could, he would.

Tacey: Bumble helps my wellbeing in many ways, she’s always happy to see when I get home, making me smile with her silly antics and always ready for a cuddle if I need one.

Bumble also helps me to spend time outdoors, enjoying our beautiful local countryside and canals, there’s nothing more de-stressing than an early evening walk after a long, busy day.
Dawn: Lola is an 18-month old Cockapoo who loves people. Her favourite thing to do is chasing a tennis ball and saying hello to people. Taking her for walks massively improves my wellbeing – gets me outdoors, fresh air and enables me to think and process and then we like nothing more than cuddling up on the sofa to watch a movie
Rachel: Freddie has just turned a year old and is a Schnoodle, so a mix between a schnauzer and a poodle. He's the most loving and funny puppy who gives endless joy but can also be the naughtiest – mostly when he’s having a temper tantrum and he attacks my cushion covers. We recently got Freddie a little sister and she’s called Millie! Millie is a mix between an Italian Greyhound and a Whippet and is a feisty little redhead! She puts Freddie in his place but also loves her big brother to pieces!

Cats of 2Simple.png

Cats of 2Simple

Sam: This is Kitty, she's ten and still thinks she's a kitten. I'm sure every pet owner thinks theirs is the smartest but she's certainly the smartest cat we've ever had: a closed-door means "challenge accepted" to her and her success rate was so high we almost renamed her Dorothy Dietrich. We have a morning routine, where she runs ahead of me on the stairs and climbs the bannister so she's at eye level when I'm going upstairs.

Then, when I'm downstairs getting the chickens up, she climbs the furniture and tries to distract me by any means necessary (they almost always work). She loves having her tummy rubbed and the gaps between her toes played with. If you're reading something, she will sit on it. If you're watching something, she will sit in front of it. In short, she is an attention-seeking missile who enriches our lives every day.


Guinea Pigs of 2Simple

Rebecca: The black one is Racso (oscar backwards) and the other one is Fly. They definitely add to our family wellbeing. They are surprisingly communicative and cuddly and they even purr when very happy. They say good morning to me every day (or it could be squeaking for breakfast) and they seem to be good pals with our cat Mitty. Though I'm sure she'd eat them given the chance.

The 2Simple Zoo

Deb has several animals and here she tells us about her 'Zoo'.

Annie – the Bedlington Lurcher x Border Terrier and my co-pilot through life – we have been together since she was 8 weeks old and she has just recently turned 12.

She is my constant, my sounding board, she never fails to make me smile and brighten my day – whether I am singing in the car and she gives me that look which says, “Are you in pain?” or is dancing a wiggly-jig on the wooden floor when I get home because she is so excited to see me again.

She is the Gromit to my Wallace, the pickle on my cheese, the best pal to ride shotgun with me through all of my crazy adventures.

Zoo of 2Simple.png

Lizzie – the Chestnut Mare (Becks’s – show name)

Lizzie the Wonder Horse – we’ve had so many amazing times together, having travelled the country taking part in the mad sport of Eventing. She and I were the perfect team and I can’t actually find the words to express how I feel about her. If I just close my eyes at any time, I can replay our adventures in my head and find peace and relaxation. She was 4 years old when we first met and is now in a very happy contented retirement at the grand age of 26 – though she thinks she is about 3 and is still full of joie de vivre.

Freckles – My painted Pony (Funtime Freckles – show name)

When Lizzie suffered a fractured leg through an accident in her field I realised that she needed to retire and that’s when Freckles found me. A very different but beautiful face looking out of a page on the Internet, I was smitten. She was only 3 years old; a proper baby but had such a wonderful, gentle, loving personality from the start. I don’t have the money – or time - to go gallivanting around the countryside so much anymore so we mainly do horsey ballet – dressage – and to be fair she’s turned her hoof to it and is doing pretty well at it.

She and Lizzie are best friends and get up to all sorts of shenanigans out in the field!

Having animals in my life is just as natural as breathing for me  – it is a great release for the mind, as you need to use a completely different part of your brain and communicate in ways that don’t always involve words.

Even mucking out and doing all the daily chores, whatever the weather, is a fantastic battery recharger.

To have a knowing nicker from my girls as I pull up in the car, have them run across the field to greet me or merely touch them, makes any stresses or strains from a fraught day at work melt away.

Of course, it goes without saying I have my bessie mate Annie with me at all times to keep me grounded and extol the virtues of how good it feels to sometimes go outside and just shout at the moon.


Mehmet: I have an African Grey parrot called Ziya. He can speak in both English and Turkish. Some notable phrases include "Do you want tea?" and "Good mornight"- because he seems to be permanently confused between good morning and good night, which always makes me chuckle.

He also has an affinity for telling people to shut up, which both plumbers and electricians that have visited the house tend to find thoroughly amusing.

Send us pictures of your pets to our Twitter @2SimpleSoftware and enjoy National Pet Month!