New iOS app

Sept. 29, 2017

The brand new 2Build a Profile iOS app is now available from the app store.


You can find it here, or simply search '2Build a Profile' or '2Simple' in the app store. The app icon has a 'new' banner on it.


As well as being fully compatible with the new iOS 11 upgrade, it features a brand new look, in app video, and a new way to view observations that are yet to upload.




Take up to 59 seconds of video from within the app itself. This will be turned on to all our customers over the next term but if you would like to access this now, just email and we'll turn video on for you now.


Non-uploaded observations


Sometimes observations will fail to upload and sync with your websuite, for example if your device is out of the range of Wi-FI. Oustanding observations waiting to upload will now be brought to your attention via a pop-up notice and can be viewed by tapping the cloud button at the bottom of the home screen.



Once all your observations have been successfully synced, you will see this message